L’Oréal China, Sina.Com And "Women Of China" Launch A New Women’S Site On The Internet

Paris, 23rd April 2002

L'Oréal, the leading cosmetics group, Sina.com, leading Internet SP in China, and “Women of China” , the largest women’s press group in China, announced the signature of a partnership agreement for the creation of a women’s Internet site for Chinese women at Sina.com.cn.

This new women’s Internet site is dedicated to all women who speak Chinese and are of Chinese culture. The information provided on this portal will be expanded and updated on a regular basis by the editorial team of “Women of China “. The site will provide a wide range of information, and specific services for virtual communities that meet the day-to-day personal and professional needs of Chinese women. Lastly, users will receive up-to-date details about product launches by clicking on the links to the local Internet sites of L'Oréal group’s brands.

This new women’s Internet site will benefit from the synergy and expertise of L'Oréal, Sina.com and “Women of China”. L’Oréal, a rapidly expanding cosmetics company in China, is providing millions of Chinese women with its expertise in beauty, its knowledge of their specific expectations, the products and the services of its international brands. Sina.com, leading Internet SP in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, has extensive experience with online technology, services for the Chinese communities. “Women of China”, the other member of the partnership, enjoys considerable editorial renown in the Chinese society.

This new Internet site has five main interactive sections and six editorial columns. The main news of the day, and a variety of practical hints are accessed on connection. In addition to this informative content, this Internet site also offers women of Chinese culture all the advantages of virtual communities, ie, a chat room where they can discuss topics of interest to them and share their experiences. Further, the potential expansion of L’Oréal brands and their distribution circuits will strengthen the links between virtual and real worlds for the Internet users.

"Our partnership with Sina.com and “Women of China” is a fundamental component in our strategy. It will help us understand Chinese consumers even better, and increasingly meet their needs,” declares, Paolo Gasparrini, Director of L’Oréal Group in China. "L'Oréal, with its worldwide leader position on the cosmetics market and its strong presence in China, is the ideal partner for Sina.com”, declares Mr Wang, President of Sina.com. He adds, "L’Oréal shares our ambition of constantly increasing the scope of Sina.com by offering online possibilities for discussions and exchanges. Internet users will find relevant information that answers their everyday needs.”

L’Oréal and Sina.com will share the marketing and technological resources required to develop these new services. “Women of China” will provide the content needed for the site. “The L’Oréal, “Women of China” and Sina.com agreement will boost L’Oréal’s influence on the Chinese market and at the same time provide additional opportunities for the development of “Women of China”, declares Mrs Han of “Women of China”.

“This agreement is a confirmation of the group’s commitment to extending its experience with this new media, and to exploring all possibilities for informing and communicating with consumers,” concludes Béatrice Dautresme, Executive Vice-President in charge of Strategic Business Development at L’Oréal.

The name of this new women’s Internet site will be unveiled on 17th May in China, for the inauguration of the site.

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