L'OREAL first quarter 1997 Consolidated sales rosé to FF 16.5 billion.

The increase was 11.2 % on published figures for the same period of 1996 and 6.3 % on a comparable basis, excluding the impact of changes in structure and exchange rates.

Changes in structure had a positive impact of + 1.6 % on sales and stemmed from the consolidation of new subsidiaries on cosmetics and pharmaceuticals markets :
  • the American company MAYBELLINE in make-up sector, Consolidated since the 12th February 1996 ;

  • the Swiss laboratory GIULIANI SA, Consolidated since the 1st October 1996 ;

  • the German laboratory HENNING BERLIN GmbH, Consolidated since the 1st November 1996.

The effect of exchange rates is positive of + 3.3 %, particularly due to the increase of US dollar and the share of American market in L'OREAL activities.