Consolidated sales for L'ORÉAL and its French and foreign subsidiaries in 1996 totalled FF 6O.34 billion, up 13 % compared with 1995.

L'ORÉAL'S Consolidated cosmetics sales grew by 13.2 % and sales for the subsidiary Synthélabo rosé 12.4 %.

Since 1 January 1996, the companies Jade (Germany) and Interbeauty (Israel) have been Consolidated into the L'ORÉAL Group, along with Maybelline (U.S.A.) since 12 February 1996.

On a directly comparable basis, i.e. based on identical Group structure and exchange rates, Consolidated sales for L'ORÉAL in 1996 increased by 8 %.

The first estimations of profit for 1996 are in line with the trends indicated in October 1996.